Hell’s Ground review

Straight out of Pakistan is the very commendable slasher effort Hell’s Ground from 2007.

A group of friends are on the way to a concert are initially thwarted by a local community who have become twisted by something in the water. At this point, it feels like the film is going in the direction of the Evil Dead but it then takes a turn to become something resembling more of a slasher.

We have some of the usual tropes, including an older gentleman masquerading as the harbinger of doom plus a very unique looking killer. Wearing a burka and swinging a mace at their victims, this killer is certainly visually striking, and much like early Jason Voorhees, more animalistic.

In the latter stages, the film attempts to make sense of the events, but Hell’s Ground is more fun when you disengage and just enjoy the madness.

Feeling like a mix of Friday the 13th Part 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Evil Dead, this is certainly one slasher you won’t forget anytime soon.

Hell’s Ground is now available on DVD.

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