Feature Film Announced for Bloody Flicks Awards 2021

The Bloody Flicks Awards will feature the UK premiere of Taiwan horror comedy ‘Get The Hell Out’ at their virtual festival on Saturday 20th February 2021.

Wang, a security guard, and Xiong, a Member of Parliament, have plotted to oust the Prime Minister.

What they don’t anticipate is that a virus will start to spread throughout the Parliament, turning most of the politicians into zombies.

Luckily for Wang, he seems to be the only one immune to the germ. Coloristic and wild: a political chronicle built around gushing blood.

Get the Hell Out was a smash hit at the TIFF Sitges Film Festival 2020 and we can’t wait to share this film with our audience.

Look out for the full lineup of short films screening at the Bloody Flicks Awards 2021 at the end of January.

Watch the trailer for Get the Hell Out below –

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