Sci-Fi Horror Sequel ‘Mandao Returns’ Release Announced

Indie Rights has announced the release of writer/director Scott Dunn’s sci-fi horror comedy, Mandao Returns, the sequel to Dunn’s spectral comedy, Mandao of the Dead.

The third feature from Scott Dunn and producer Gina Gomez Dunn, Mandao Returns was successfully funded via Kickstarter in only 11 days and finished filming only two days before the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered film productions.

Dunn was forced to tackle post-production remotely to finish the feature in time for a December debut.

Mandao Returns is headlined by Jenny Lorenzo (“Victor and Valentino”, “Gentefied”), Jim O’Doherty (“Third Rock from the Sun”, “Grounded for Life”), Sean Liang (“American Horror Story: 1984”), Scott Dunn, Sean McBride, Gina Gomez Dunn and Alexandre Chen.

Mandao of the Dead garnered critical and audience acclaim when it screened at the San Diego Comic Con and LA Comic Con in 2019. The first installment of the franchise is available on multiple platforms and additional sequels are in active development.

Mandao Returns is now available on Amazon Prime Video, with more platforms to follow.

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