Is David Gordon Green the right man to revive The Exorcist?

Director David Gordon Green is gonna be a busy boy in the next few years if the latest reports are to be believed; with him in talks for a sequel to The Exorcist.

This follows on from the news earlier this year that Green will work with HBO to bring Hellraiser to the small screen with a TV adaptation, which has now got the blessing of Clive Barker, following a swift legal battle (Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller take note).

Add to this that Green has Halloween Kills waiting for release in 2021 and Halloween Ends is set to film next year and release the following year, then his schedule looks jam packed.

The question is; is Green the right man to bring back Pazazu back to the masses?

Blumhouse alongside Morgan Creek is looking to acquire the Exorcist property and bring Green on to breath new life into the franchise. This isn’t the first time the franchise comeback has been attempted, with the excellent TV series which aired on FOX for 2 seasons between 2016 and 2017 and despite drawing critical acclaim its ratings were quite low.

Green has Halloween 2018 on his record and has shown he can breath new life into an ailing franchise, with his Michael Myers incarnations being an all-time box office high for the Haddonfield slasher to date.

Will the adaptation be a period piece set in the 1970s or will Green and Blumhouse bring Regan’s story into the 2020’s?

Timing is key too, as Blumhouse also has accumulated a number of high profile flops with properties such as Fantasy Island, Happy Death Day 2U and Black Christmas (2019).

Genre fans would argue that we already have a great sequel in William Peter Blatty’s Exorcist III (1990), but there is also the much maligned The Heretic: The Exorcist II and The Exorcist: The Beginning (although Dominion is quite watchable).

But what do you think; can an Exorcist sequel work today? Comment below and let us know.

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