Jaws Unmade by John Lemay review

The world of unmade cinema is a fascinating one, especially when it comes to the Jaws franchise.

Author John Lemay, who previously tackled the King Kong franchise, has gone back to look at the many imitators, blatant knock offs and crazy sequel ideas for the Jaws series.

Here we look briefly at the troubled production of Jaws 2, the comedy spoof pitch for Jaws 3 plus rumoured ideas for a fifth film in the series.

We also get behind the scenes scoops on the Piranha series plus some time dedicated to the long gestated Meg feature film, which was finally released in 2018.

Lemay must be commended for also finding the scripts of lost films that never made it to filming, including John Carpenter’s version of Peter Benchley’s The Beast, which became a TV mini series in the 90’s with Manhunter’s William Peterson.

The most fascinating chapters include the history of Italian Jaws rip-offs that include The Last Shark (aka Great White) and Cruel Jaws, which has recently received a debut blu ray release.

Jaws Unmade is a must read for fans of the animal attack sub-genre plus shark film aficionados looking for some forgotten films to add to their collection.

Jaws Unmade by John Lemay, is available now on Amazon Kindle plus paperback.

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