‘Santa Jaws’ director Misty Talley shares her Christmas Horror Top 5

Continuing our Christmas horror features, we caught up with ‘Santa Jaws’ director Misty Talley who shares her Christmas Horror top 5 films.

1) Gremlins (1984) – I’m a huge Joe Dante fan and this is one of those movies from my childhood that became a Christmas tradition for me. It’s so dang original and just a super fun monster movie.

2) Jack Frost (1997) – So maybe it’s just me but I love a low-budget exploitation film. This one has everything, serial killers becoming snowmen, decapitation by sled, non-stop one-liners, and a holographic VHS cover box.

3) Better Watch Out (2016) – This is a film that surprised me a few years back, I wasn’t expecting it to knock it out of the park but it really delivers. Full of tension and fun twists.

4) Sheitan (2006) – This one makes my list because it genuinely freaked me out which is rare. It’s a French film that takes place on Christmas Eve and is succeeds at putting an extremely dark spin on the old ‘horny kids in a cabin’ trope.

5) Gingerdead Man (2005) – Again, I love a good exploitation flick. This is like if Troma films had done Child’s Play. It’s the one you watch with your friends while you get hammered on egg nog. Everything I want in a holiday film.

Santa Jaws from Misty Talley is available now on Amazon Prime.

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