‘Ugly Sweater Party’ director shares Christmas Horror Top 5

In the lead up to Christmas, Bloody Flicks has caught up with a number of independent horror creatives to discuss their Christmas horror top 5 films.

First up is ‘Ugly Sweater Party’ writer/director Aaron Mento –

5. ELVES (1989)

Every December I watch my VHS of ELVES, and (almost) every time I fall asleep from the brain-twisting insanity. Since I can never remember what the hell happens in this hilariously trashy yuletide delight, it’s like opening a new present every time.


This one is more of a slow-burn character piece, so those wanting just a killer Santa Claus movie should maybe look to my other picks. But what a character piece it is! Watching a toy factory worker descend into madness and perversion is the reason for the season. John Waters loves this movie (his commentary on the blu ray is fantastic) and I honestly believe that this film has one of the greatest endings of all time.


The controversial classic that holds nothing back when it comes to Santa-spoilation! A gory, trashy, and tasteless barnburner that never fails to offend and entertain, with one caveat: the ending. It always leaves me wanting a proper comeuppance for Mother Superior, but my #1 pick nicely remedies this…


By all measures, this should be my top pick. It’s one of the best horror movies ever made and never fails to completely blow me away. The atmosphere and style are unmatched, and I watch it at least five times every December. But since I am a glutton for campy trash, this leads me to…


The most hysterically awesome Christmas horror movie I’ve ever seen. Equal parts shameless cash-in (padded with ludicrous amounts of footage from Part 1) and damn-the-torpedos acting extravaganza from the legendary Eric Freeman. I cannot even begin to describe the acting choices that Freeman makes, but every single one of them makes my holly jolly heart sing. Watching him slaughter an entire suburb while laughing his ass off is the best thing I have ever seen, and “garbage day” is the gift that keeps on giving. Of course, the shiny silver bow on top is the death of Mother Superior (whose face is now half deformed?!) which completes the “hero’s journey” from Part 1. Forget MINDHUNTER, the world needs more serial killer confessions from Eric Freeman A.K.A. “Ricky Caldwell.”

Watch Ugly Sweater Party on Amazon Prime.

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