Is ‘Clarice’ Giving Us a Warmed Up Lamb Dish?

The first trailer for CBS’ ‘Clarice’ a TV follow-up to the Silence of the Lambs has been released.

While the 1 minute teaser doesn’t give us many clues to the plot, we do get flashes of Buffalo Bill, who Starling took down for good in the finale of Lambs.

We are told there will be no appearance from the notorious Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who following his escape at the end of the previous film in on the run from the FBI.

Clarice looks to be a main figure of the behavioural science unit after shooting Jaime Gumb dead as he was going to execute senator Ruth Martin’s daughter Catherine.

We see a woman’s body being recovered from a river, which indicates we could be dealing with a serial killer similar to Buffalo Bill? Will the CBS series tread on safe and familiar ground or go out of its way to tell brand new stories?

Clarice debuts on 11th February 2021 on CBS.

Watch the trailer for Clarice below –

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