High Lane review

This late 2000’s French slasher borrows owes plenty to the success of the Wrong Turn franchise.

We follow a group of five explorers, I would usually call friends, but this is not true from the outset. Firstly we have Chloe, who has recently got together with paranoid Loic, whilst also inviting ex-boyfriend Guillaume along for the ride.

This becomes the natural source of conflict as they arrive at their destination in the stunning Croatian mountains.

For the first half of the movie the characters own insecurities and fears (namely of heights) really take centre stage, with only subtle hints to something watching them. Director Abel Ferry crafts some really suspenseful sequences, most notably when the group have to cross a draw-bridge, which of course doesn’t go exactly to plan.

While the threat from High Lane is slightly more refrained than say the inbreds of the Wrong Turn movies, they still pose a sizeable threat to our protagonists (when they are not squabbling with each other).

Excellently shot, character driven with gratuitous violence when required; cannot recommend this one enough.

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