Ghostbusters Documentary’s Soundtrack set for Release

The soundtrack of acclaimed CLEANIN’ UP THE TOWN: Remembering Ghostbusters, definitive documentary that charts the making of the original 1984 Ghostbusters is released o nCD on 14th December, 2020 and is now available to pre-order.

The score composed and produced by J-Mi & Midi-D (producers of Dance Dance Revolution’s Top The Charts and Pop The Track) includes ‘Slime Poem’ written by Sigourney Weaver and performed by Paul Gannon.

Additionally, seven dialogue tracks including accounts from Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ivan Reitman and Ernie Hudson reveal further hidden treasures about the making of Ghostbusters.

Directed and produced by the brother and sister team of Anthony and Claire Bueno, CLEANIN’ UP THE TOWN: Remembering Ghostbusters  pays a fitting tribute to the whole creative team behind today’s global phenomenon and has already received five star ‘Amazon Choice’ Blu-ray recommendation.

Having assembled a comprehensive documentary for both fans and film lovers alike and with the original film and soundtrack having made a lasting impact since childhood, director Anthony Bueno felt it imperative to release a companion soundtrack.

The documentary itself pays a fitting tribute to the filmmaking techniques of a golden era of 80s visual effects and the same can be said for the score. “Elma Bernstein is a true legend, he composed a unique, distinct and truly dramatic score for Ghostbusters” says Anthony Bueno, “but the film also contained tracks from then contemporary artists which heavily utilised that iconic 80s synth sound. So we wanted to emulate this as much as possible for our film as well as give our soundtrack its own identity,”

With a wealth of interviews which just couldn’t make it into the narrative of the documentary, the filmmakers wanted to utilise the soundtrack to share some more gems.

CLEANIN’ UP THE TOWN; REMEMBERING GHOSTBUSTERS CD soundtrack is released 12th December and ships worldwide (RRP £10.99)

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