Switch Killer review

With the Scream franchise firmly buried by 2005, horror was veering into new areas with the Saw series but there was still slasher being produced.

This independent production is a bizarre take on the obsessive ex goes psycho, as an abusive boyfriend tries to infiltrate his former girlfriend’s new life after she leaves him for another woman.

His grand plan? To have a sex change and start killing all of her friends and *coughs* Gentleman’s club she now works at in Las Vegas.

Our main girl Jamie appears to be sexually confused and despite going into a relationship with another woman for most of the film, decides later on she is straight. This kind of makes the killer’s plan quite redundant – maybe he should have gave her space to think things over instead of assaulting her?

With flat line delivery and zero tension its very hard to know what the filmmakers were trying to achieve here. The dialogue makes Rob Zombie’s screenplays seem Oscar-worthy, with every other word being bitch.

For about 10 minutes this can be tolerated before it just becomes tiresome.

The funniest element of the film comes in the conclusive showdown as the killer walks on to a stage and slits the throat of the main performer. The band continues to play like nothing has happened until his dead corpse falls into the pool and is replaced by a really bad dummy.

One thing Switch Killer does have going for it is its insistence on practical effects, with kill sequences really letting that fake blood fly.

The filmmakers were clearly working on a limited budget but there is simply no surprises in the plot and when things wrap up after 67 minutes you feel sort of glad. From here the running time is padded out with behind the scenes snippets plus a fast forward version of the film you have just watched.

Switch Killer much like its titular killer seems at odds with what it wants to achieve as it does not really push any positive LGBT themes, no anti-domestic violence themes plus it could certain rub the Trans community up the wrong way.

This is certainly one to avoid.

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