Retro sci-fi action short Cyborg: Deadly Machine released

Retro sci fi action short Cyborg: Deadly Machine is available now to watch on YouTube.

In the year 2039, the war between the eastern world and the western world is raging. Magnatron Corp. has created Cyborgs soldiers in order to make war instead of men. But the cyborgs have turned against their creators and decimated half of the world’s population.

Their goal: The extinction of the human race …

Groups of survivors have appeared and are trying to destroy the machines responsible for the chaos on earth.

A nuclear weapon is hidden in the heart of the secret city at the origin of the manufacture of the new cyborgs.

Alex Rayne, former chef converted into mercenary is accompanied by Barry an I.A. of first generation, who know where to find the location of the Magnatron factory.

A group of resistance fighters led by a woman, Stacy, set out to find Alex and convince him to participate to the annihilation of the machines. But a last-generation Cyborg, the C-9000 is running after the

The music for the film comes from Meteor & Fixions, who worked with filmmakers Masebrothers on their previous project Rage of Fire 2.

Watch Cyborg: Deadly Machine below –

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