Bunny The Killer Thing & If He Hollers Now Available on DVD

Independent horror films If He Hollers and Bunny the Killer Thing are now available on DVD from Bayview Entertainment.

HNN Presents: Bunny The Killer Thing
This wildly un-PC horror-comedy follows the amorous adventures of a 6-foot-tall sex-crazed rabbit who finds plenty of sexual conquests at a cabin in the woods inhabited by a group of Finns and some unsuspecting tourists. The young people, out to have a fun-filled winter weekend, instead find themselves involved in a game of life and death when the weird creature stops at nothing in search of a warm body. A hilarious spoof of splatter and camp films, Bunny the Killer Thing is unapologetically offensive as well as hilarious weird and wonderful.

HNN Presents: If He Hollers
An innocent bachelorette party goes horribly and violently out of control in this startling independent Mexican thriller/horror film. It all starts off lightly enough, with Natalia arriving in Mexico from Spain to visit her boyfriend (played by ”Y Tu Mamá También” star Diego Luna). But things turn darker after she and group of wild female friends out partying meet an unsuspecting cowboy. The giggling girls secretly feed the macho man some Viagra and what began as a prank quickly turns violent.

If He Hollers and Bunny the Killer Thing are available now on Amazon.

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