Poltergays review

Taking aim at hardline conservative views and homophobia, with a wink and a nudge comes Lonely Spectre Productions latest short Poltergays.

When bible humpers Perry and Tiff Myers (Peter Stickles, Clarke Wolfe) endeavor to out their friendly gay roommates, Tanner and Derek (Charles Chudabala, Francisco Chacin), as malevolent specters from the hellish great beyond, it is Perry and Tiff that might just be revealed as hauntingly homophobic instead.

The humour is dead pan with jokes about ‘Jesus Power’, veganism plus yoga classes for religion people, with most landing.

The switch between pseudo-documentary style and the real story is quite seamless with some excellent performances, especially from Peter Stickles and Clarke Wolfe as new owners of the apartment.

Poltergays is now streaming on Dekkoo.

Watch the trailer for Poltergays below –

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