Scary Endings – Jacob review

By Dean Monroe

The Scary Endings YouTube series continues to suitably do exactly what it says on the tin and give us a short film with an ending to give you the creeps.

The latest episode is Jacob and centres around a young woman named Nicole who has found an old slide projector, naturally she is curious to its contents and starts to work her way through the slides.

What follows takes its horror cues from the likes of Ringu and Sinister, but perhaps most closely echoes the projector scene from Stephen King’s It. And herein lies the problem, it doesn’t really deliver anything we haven’t already seen. At all.

There are some nice touches and moments along the way, but we know the beats of this one prior to the button on the projector even being pressed and read out loud by Nicole.

It’s shot well and ending is a nice addition, however most of the way we are ahead of the story – which almost outstays its welcome – as unfortunately this is one carousel we’ve ridden on before.

Effectively shot by writer and director John Fitzpatrick and ably acted by Sarah Nicklin, hopefully the team can project some new ideas in their next instalment.

Watch Jacob from Scary Endings below –

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