Halloween Kills promises Haddonfield bloodbath

By Michael Monroe

Yesterday was a big day for Halloween fans all around the world!

In honor & celebration of Halloween, Blumhouse has officially launched their very first annual event called ‘BlumFest’ where horror fans got the Blumhouse Exclusive sneak preview of the studio’s upcoming movie and TV projects which included David Gordon Green’s, Halloween Kills. The virtual event took place on Blumhouse’s YouTube Channel, & Facebook.

“This year has sidelined a lot for all of us, but Halloween is a treasured season at Blumhouse, so we conceived BlumFest to celebrate with our fans via a virtual event that will feature exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage on an upcoming release or two,” Blumhouse CEO, Jason Blum said in a statement. Beings that Halloween Kills was delayed back in July due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Blumhouse decided that it would be a fair treat for the fans to have this virtual event that we all could attend. BlumFest 2020, which was hosted and moderated by Rotten Tomatoes editor Jacqueline Coley, got to speak with Jason Blum, Malek Akkad, Jamie Lee Curtis, David Gordon Green, & Bill Block who were present for the ‘Halloween Kills Panel’.

In this panel we jump right off by celebrating the success that Halloween (2018), which made $255 million making box offices record for being the highest grossing slasher film that was EVER made. When asked by host of BlumFest, “You never thought you’d do another Halloween Movie- Did you
imagine that it would have this kind of reception?” in which Jamie Lee Curtis, Laurie Strode, expresses that the only reason that she didn’t ever think she’d play Laurie Strode again was because she thought the story was done. However, she’s happy with how the directors approached her. Jamie Lee Curtis states, “What I was so happy about when I read [the script] was that David & Danny were trying to talk about that there is a result to that kind of violence and what carries with it is an emotional weight for many women.”

David Gordon Green discusses with BlumFest’s host how they upped the ante compared to the last film.

“The way we look at is that the 2018 film is just the set up, so with Halloween Kills it’s twice the thrills, it’s ten times the kills, it’s ghosts from the past, & skeleton’s in the closet and all the allure of Halloween amplified.”

Now, we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet- like we mentioned, beings the film was delay until October 15, 2021 many fans were more than expecting some sort of teaser in which Blumhouse delivered successfully on.

I won’t lie, as a die hard fan myself, I obviously wanted to see more due to it being delayed. However, I believe this Halloween Kills teaser truly did show just the right amount of footage especially for a film that’s not coming out for another year. The BlumFest panel was absolutely a joy to be a part of beings you get the inside scoop on some of your highly anticipated Blumhouse projects. I do wish the Halloween Kills panel itself would have been longer, as I’m sure the fans could agree. Maybe we’re just being impatient? We possibly could be a little impatient, but do you blame us? Blumhouse was super successful with delivering The Shape & The continuing saga of Michael Myers & Laurie Strode.

What are your thoughts? Was this panel just enough to hold you over until next year for the film, or do you wish to have seen possibly more? We can safely say this- Halloween Kills is DEFINITELY worth the wait!

Watch the teaser for Halloween Kills below –

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