Dead (2020) review

By Michael Monroe

With the pandemic going on this year- A lot of films were pushed back due to Covid-19 but, 1091 Studios came in clutch this Halloween season with their new stoner horror comedy, Dead.

Marbles, Thomas Sainsbury, is a man who can see dead people with the combination of marijuana and neurological medication that he creates in the comfort of his own home. Marbles is only able to see the ghosts that are all around us, but only for approximately one hour until the medically combined marijuana wears off. Marbles spends his time using this ‘gift’ to try and help people get their closure. Starting off watching as Marbles helps these people cross over comes off super sweet, & the comedy truly just kicks in. It’s not too much, but literally just enough to still want more. It’s basically the ‘Ghost Whisperer’, but far more comedy & marijuana.

However, Marbles soon realizes his quiet life is turned upside down when deceased cop Tagg (Co-writer and Director Hayden J Weal) comes looking for him.

Tagg hasn’t passed away peacefully – he’s been murdered while on the job. His last wish, before his spirit passes over, is to catch the killer. It’s a quest that’s not only personal for Tagg, but we soon realize it’ll be a personal quest for Marbles as well. Tagg believes the same person responsible his death is responsible for 6 other murders as well.

Lucky for Marbles, he’s got someone to go too! Tagg’s foster sister Yana (Tomai Ihaia) has been working with Tagg on the case investigating these mystery murders. He just needs Marbles to communicate with her on his behalf. Without a doubt, complications ensue and Marbles ends up way out of his comfort zone, trying to help a man he would presumably try to avoid in any other circumstance. We soon realize that Tagg has a more personal purpose in the investigation than he initially admits, and has quite a few things to learn from his new stoner friend.

Of the recent ‘stoner’ flicks, this is probably one of the best. Enjoyable, ridiculously entertaining, and weird, but funny characters. It’s a clever film that’s far more entertaining, & understanding than you’re typical supernatural stoned comedy. It creators have had the sense to not make the comedy too over the top. There’s just a the right amount in each scene! You can tell the film focuses on character relationship building and crafting a solid mystery.

Dead is absolutely one of those films you’ll find yourself putting on the tv with your friends while smoking a blunt. I strongly suggest that you keep watching as the credits rollDo keep watching as the credits roll where you’ll get a surprising trick… or treat!

DEAD is available on Digital Download now.

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