The Cleansing Hour review

While the exorcism motif in horror films may feel a tad overdone there are films that come along every now and then to remind you why we love them so much.

The Cleansing Hour, now streaming on Shudder, is one of those type of films.

Two childhood friends have become social media ‘stars’ with their completely fictional web series The Cleansing Hour, where they exorcise demons from members of the public. Being 2020, they are also commercially savvy and sell merch whilst streaming too.

But what happens when they have to deal with a real demon? Well we get to find out.

I must admit I wasn’t quite ready for how gory this film gets, as Producer Drew’s girlfriend Sabrina becomes the host of a very deadly demon.

It is left to Max, a narcissist of the highest order, to save Sabrina’s soul and also their bacon whilst negotiating a live stream.

This is a very intense possession, but ultimately The Cleansing Hour is a story of friendship and what we will and will not do for our friends in times of crisis. It is a battle for survival that is played out online and goes to places you will not be expecting.

There is a sense of conviction here as the finale really goes balls to wall and will certainly leave you drawing breath and thinking why can’t all exorcism films be this entertaining?

The Cleansing Hour is streaming now on Shudder.

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