Scare Me review

As we eluded to in our review of They Live Inside Us, writing horror stories is hard.

This the basis of Josh Ruben’s latest feature, which also stars in, as two writers from different ends of the spectrum meet and attempt to scare each other.

While boasted as a horror comedy, Scare Me is actually quite low on laughs but it is such a bizarre concept that it keeps you watching. It feels more like a stage show that has been fleshed out, as the two writers attempt to act out their scary tales with hope of impressing the other.

Things pick up when Carlo the pizza delivery guy gets in on the act and the stories start to get more extreme with some drugs added to this bizarre cocktail.

What ‘Scare Me’ does have is two great performances from Ruben and his dance partner Fanny (played with verve by Aya Cash).

While the finale is quite messy you have to admire its wackiness and while this is not a great film it is certainly ambitious.

‘Scare Me’ is a real oddity and is available now on Shudder.

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