Saint Maud review

While bigger studio films have shied away from 2020 releases because of COVID, Studio Canal have unleashed Saint Maud; a contender for horror film of the year.

We follow the journey of palliative care nurse Maud who starts caring for a woman dying of cancer, with a growing obsession for saving her soul.

Whether Maud’s faith is misplaced or bordering on obsession is up for debate, but it certainly makes for a compelling story which hints at larger themes with glimpses of a potentially dark past.

Saint Maud is very much a character study and will certainly appeal to fans of the slow burn. This is coupled with a stunning and layered performance from Morfydd Clark who portrays the beyond spiritual Maud.

Coupled with a thumping soundtrack by Adam Janota Bzowski who evokes dread in scenes that otherwise could appear somewhat mundane.

While less said about the finale the better, it will certainly stay with as the credits roll and for hours later.

Saint Maud oozes of class and existential dread and will be a smash hit for fans who love their horror a bit more drawn out, such as fans of The VVitch.

Saint Maud is in UK cinemas now.

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