Crowdfunder launched for Into the Black Abyss: Deathstream

A IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign has been launched for tech home invasion horror Into the Black Abyss: Deathstream from Viral Films UK in collaboration with Bloody Flicks.

The movie follows Zach a 28 Year old online Gamer who makes a living streaming his gameplay videos online. One night during a live stream things get a little strange. 

Viewers see faces at his window, odd noises can be heard outside his house and as things go from bad to worse when a group of masked individuals break into his home. 

Zach captures the events on camera, streamed live to anyone who happens to be watching. Soon it becomes clear there are far more sinister motives at work and Zach will have to fight his way to freedom.

Into the Black Abyss: Deathstream is an extremely visceral experience that’s as tense as it is bloody.

Bloody Flicks are delighted to support this project as an Executive Producer plus we have been lucky enough to read a spec script for the film and it is gloriously twisted with plenty of surprises in store for genre fans.

Watch the proof of concept trailer below –

Support Into the Black Abyss: Deathstream on IndieGoGo.

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