Two Heads Creek review

Taking family reunions to bizarre and bloody new levels is the latest feature from Frightfest Presents, Two Heads Creek.

Pitched as a horror-comedy this one takes a bit of time to warm up before sliding into bloody mayhem.

While not all of the jokes really land and feel at times forced, but its the characters and the gore which make Two Heads Creek an entertaining watch. The on-screen chemistry of siblings Norman and Annabelle is the heartbeat of the film.

It is Norman’s evolution over the course of Two Heads Creek, which remains the best part of the feature. At times he feels like Jack Burton in Big Trouble in Little China, the man who wants to be a hero but it just doesn’t seem to work most of the time.

We get a slice of modern politics too, with some timely themes on racism and prejudice which do land and feel oddly apt.

Luckily, director Jesse O’Brien favours practical effects over computer generated effects, with some bloody splattered kills including knives to the head and people being fed into a grinder.

Two Heads Creek is now available on VOD from Frightfest Presents.

Watch the trailer below –

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