Crowdfunding Campaign announced for ‘Vulpes: Lust for Revenge’

A crowdfunding campaign has been announced for Vulpes: Lust for Revenge, a sequel to the award-winning Hungarian short film Vulpes: Prologue.

The cast of Vulpes: Lust for Revenge includes Sandy Johnson, who portrayed Judith Myers in John Carpenter’s Halloween.

After the events of VULPES: Prologue, only one empty cell remained in Vulpes’s hiding place. He and his sympathizers set out to trap the last prey, a chinese man who was rumored to be serving dog meat in his restaurant.

After he is captured, just like in Vulpes’s previous victim, he punishes also, just like the dogs exactly what he served. Vulpes’s broadcasting the events live on the internet again and he does not care at all that the police will find him.

When they saw the video, the Wreathwood Police Department organizes an action which is going to be led by Detective Matthew Langford.

Vulpes knows that police will find him soon so he prepares for his big attraction what will change Wreathwood and later the whole World…

You can support Vulpes: Lust for Revenge on GoGetFunding.

Watch Vulpes: Prologue below –

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