Color out of Space review

When it comes to adaptations of H.P Lovecraft you have to be prepared for some surrealism and tentacles.

Director Richard Stanley has taken on the short story The Color Out of Space and with the casting of one Nicolas Cage you may prepared for unbridled chaos. Although Cage does have his moments, this is quite a restrained performance (when compared to Mandy, for example).

A secluded farm is struck by a strange meteorite which has apocalyptic consequences for the family living there and possibly the world.

The first thing to say about Color Out of Space is how spectacular it looks on screen, even before things get really wild, the colours (pardon the pun) really zip off the screen.

With a unique mix of CGI and practical effects, which recall John Carpenter’s The Thing, this film strikes a balance to showcase the crazier sequences.

While Cage does shine, Madeleine Arthur’s Lavinia is the stand-out performer as his troubled daughter who sees things starting to change around her home but can’t prevent what is coming.

Stanley’s directing career is mainly a mix of documentaries and features but this may be his most accomplished film to date.

Color out of Space is an assault on your senses that challenges the viewer and provides something truly unique to the genre.

Watch the trailer for Color Out Of Space below –

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