Horror Through My Eyes with…Alex Paterson-Churchyard

For the latest Horror Through My Eyes feature we are joined by filmmaker Alex Paterson-Churchyard to discuss the films that have shaped his career so far.

The Horror Film That Makes You Sick –

The film that really makes me sick isn’t a horror film per se, but ‘Irreversible’ genuinely made me nauseous. Actually, there’s a scene in Wolf Creek where he severs a girl’s spine, that did it for me.

The horror film that scares you the most –

I think it’s the Texas Chainsaw Massacre for me, there’s something so visceral and real about it.

The Horror film you can only watch alone –

There isn’t a film that I’d exclusively watch on my own. I enjoy putting on any of the Child’s Play films, Scream or Evil Dead films on in the background though- I’ve seen them a lot so those are probably ones I have inadvertently watched alone a lot!

That horror film you own but secretly hate –

Hate is probably too strong a word, but I do own every single Halloween film, including the Rob Zombie ones, and I certainly don’t love those…

Your horror guilty pleasure –

I don’t feel that guilty, but probably something by Troma. The Toxic Avenger maybe!

That horror film with a better cast than script –

I think I always wanted a bit more from the Hatchet films? I remember seeing who the first one had in it, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Robert Englund, and thinking I’d love it, and I remember being a bit underwhelmed.

The horror film you have re-watched the most –

I’d say it’s likely to be the first Halloween as I watch it every year. You can’t go wrong with a classic! I reckon I’ve seen Evil Dead 2 and Scream a lot as well.

That horror film you have owned on VHS, DVD and Blu Ray –

So, I’m of an age where I saw a lot of my first horror films on VHS rental and tapes my parents had. By the time it came to buying my own copies of horror films, DVD had taken hold. We definitely had a VHS copy of Halloween and I own that on DVD and Blu-Ray. This probably explains how it’s my most re-watched horror film!

Your scariest cinematic experience –

I remember being pretty scared seeing [rec]. I went with some friends I lived with at university and I remember us all being pretty jumpy during that one. It was definitely one of those experiences where other people’s reactions influence your own. More recently, The Babadook was a really good cinematic experience.

That horror film you need a shower after watching –

Maybe Last House on the Left – I still don’t quite know how I feel about that film, because I love Wes Craven, but I also find some of the content repugnant.

The horror film that made your jaw hit the floor –

Evil Dead 2, no question. I saw it prior to seeing the original and I just thought it was the best thing ever, and still do.

A horror film you used to love but now despise –

Well, I remember thinking Switchblade Romance (High Tension) was a great film, with a naff twist. Upon re-watching I realised it’s a pretty average film with a really dumb twist. Not that I should lecture people on dumb twists…

On the flipside, a horror film you despised but now love –

I don’t think I ever despised it, but the first time I saw The Shining I was slightly underwhelmed. I have subsequently come to the correct conclusion that it’s great. In my defence I probably saw it when I was about 14.

The horror film you laughed the most at that isn’t a comedy –

Is Phenomena meant to be funny?! Oh actually, I personally find the ending of Insidious funny – I had an amazing cinema experience where this lad behind us was screaming very loudly at every jump scare which just added to its hilarity.

What is the craziest practical effect you have seen in a horror film –

The resurrection in Hellraiser is incredible – I re-watched that recently and it just stands up so well.

I saw Scanners at a pretty young age and that head explosion is one of those effects where I wondered how it was done, so it was definitely one of the films that piqued my interest in how films are made.

The film that you introduced family or a friend to that you wished you hadn’t –

I took my wife to see Krampus and now she would watch it weekly if she could… It’s a good film but there’s only so much goat-footed Christmas evil one man can take.

Watch the trailer to Alex’s latest film I Scream on the Beach below –

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