Horror Through My Eyes with…Gemma Paul

For the latest Horror Through My Eyes feature we are joined by writer and filmmaker Gemma Paul to discuss the films that have shaped her career so far.

The Horror Film That Makes You Sick –

I haven’t seen it, and refuse to see it, but the one film above all that makes me sick to even think about the concept is The Human Centipede. I have no desire or need to see it so I’ll avoid at all costs.

The horror film that scares you the most –

The Woman in Black (2012) scares me, as do a lot that cover ghosts and that sort of supernatural element. Blood, guts, gore and monsters don’t scare me, but ghosts do. I once had my own ghostly experience that scared me when I was a teenage, so I think it’s down to that.

The Horror film you can only watch alone –

I watch all my horror films alone. I’m a single dog-mum with no children whose family hates horror films.

That horror film you own but secretly hate –

Very controversial, but I really don’t get The Shining. It was out a few years before I was born and where I am usually pretty good at appreciating older films for what they are, The Shining I just found boring. I think there is so much hype about it that I expected more form it.

Your horror guilty pleasure –

I have a few but Halloween H20 has to be one my biggest guilty pleasures. I know its not the best film around but I am a huge Jamie Lee Curtis fan and this was the first film of the franchise I saw so it sticks with me. The original Halloween was out 9 years before I was born as I’m a late 80s child so I tended to catch the sequels when they came out in my teens and caught up with the originals later.

That horror film with a better cast than its script –

The Wolfman (2010) was a film I found really disappointing. The cinematic elements were there, as was the atmospheric sets and the brilliant cast, but the script just wasn’t quite up to par. I mean Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving and Benicio Del Toro should have made for something a little special…. But instead it just you needing more.

The horror film you have rewatched the most –

This would probably have to be Scream along with its sequels. I’m a big fan of the scream franchise and how it portrays strong female characters who continue to fight no matter what atrocities that come their way.

That horror film you have owned on VHS, DVD and Blu Ray –

None. I was only a kid when VHS’s were popular and now don’t own any DVD’s or Blu Rays. I tend to stick to online streaming or downloads.

Your scariest cinematic experience –

I don’t tend to watch horror in the cinema much as I usually do cinema trips with my mum who hates horror. But I do remember seeing The Grudge in the cinema with a few friends and it terrified me. In fact I haven’t seen it again since and refused to see the latest one when a friend invited me to see it with her in the cinema.

That horror film you need a shower after watching –

Another film that I swore to never watch again yet have found myself seeing a few times now is Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Now that film definitely makes me want to jump in the shower after.

The horror film that made your jaw hit the floor –

Orphan comes to mind here. It was the film that I didn’t see coming so it made my jaw hit the floor because I would never have guessed at the who the orphan girl was. I like it when I don’t see it.

A horror film you used to love but now despise –

Despise is a harsh word and there isn’t much I despise in life. But a film I don’t tend enjoy watching anymore is I Know What You Did Last Summer. It was one of those ones again that I used to watch as a teenager with friends, I think we watched it so much I find it hard to watch now. Plus Jennifer Love Hewitts lead female is very very annoying compared to other strong females from horror such as Jamie Lee and Neve Campbell.

On the flipside, a horror film you despised but now love –

There isn’t one that I can think of. If I haven’t liked it to start with then I tend not to give it another go.

The horror film you laughed the most at that isn’t a comedy –

I was checking out this Elvira special on Amazon Prime and ended up watching Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death. I mean the name itself is enough to make you laugh and the film itself was worse. It was so bad it was funny, but even the humour of how bad it was couldn’t make me finish it.

What is the craziest practical effect you have seen in a horror film –

Alien in one of the first that comes to mind. The bursting through the chest scene. It’s a great effect especially for the time it was made, but also sticks with me because the first time I was introduced to that scene was in a film studies class when I was 18. The teacher proceeded to describe it as a penis erupting from a vagina…. So, it’s not necessarily stuck with me in the best way.

The film that you introduced family or a friend to that you wished you hadn’t –

I haven’t really. My close friends and family don’t tend to watch horror and I would never force a film on anyone.

Find out more about Gemma Paul’s work at Red Cape Publishing.

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