The Pool (2001) review

Much like the previously reviewed Shredder, 2001’s The Pool very much stands in the shadows of the teen slasher revival franchises of the late 90s.

Having said this, there is plenty to love here for a slasher fan, with plenty of gore, creative kills and a decent set of nubile teens to dismember. We also have a very young James McAvoy cast as one of our teens ready to party.

The Pool also begins with an excellent set piece that rivals the Scream sequels for its choreography and execution as we are introduced to part of our teen cast.

There is also a superb and suspenseful sequence involving characters climbing through air ducts.

Set in Prague, a group of international students are stalked while partying at an abandoned indoor water park. Firstly, it shocked me that this sort of setting has not been exploited more in the sub-genre.

If you enjoy slasher novels, it is exploited in similar fashion to The Pool in the excellent Kill River series from Cameron Roubique.

While The Pool’s finale feels slightly convoluted it does not take away from what is a solid 2000’s slasher that probably deserves more love.

Watch the trailer for The Pool below –

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