Horror Through My Eyes with…P.J Blakey-Novis


For the latest edition of Horror Through My Eyes, we are joined by author P.J Blakey-Novis to discover the horror films that have shaped his career so far.

The Horror Film That Makes You Sick

The Human Centipede. It was one of those films that had to be seen and, although it was entertaining enough, it was still pretty grim.

The horror film that scares you the most

I was 15, I got into the cinema to see Scream and that really had me on edge. I’d not been allowed to see anything like that, so it was my first real horror experience. Since then, I admit I found The Conjuring pretty creepy, and anything with possession in, especially The Exorcist and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

The Horror film you can only watch alone

There aren’t really any – my wife loves horror movies as much as I do.

That horror film you own but secretly hate –

Paranormal Activity. After all the hype, I found it incredibly boring.

Your horror guilty pleasure –

Zombeavers. It is as ridiculous as it sounds but it’s a lot of fun and the song running through the closing credits is hilarious.

The horror film you have rewatched the most –

This is probably Saw. I loved it when it first came out and still do so rewatched it each time there was a new one in the series. When the most recent was released, my wife and I watched them all over the course of a few days and I was impressed with the links between them that I hadn’t noticed previously.

That horror film you have owned on VHS, DVD and Blu Ray –

I don’t have Blu Rays but owned The Thing, IT, and Scream on VHS and DVD.

Your scariest cinematic experience –

Seeing Scream when I was fifteen, especially that opening scene with Drew Barrymore alone in the house.

That horror film you need a shower after watching –

Human Centipede was probably the grossest, but I haven’t seen A Serbian film…yet.

The horror film that made your jaw hit the floor –

A few of the Japanese ones are pretty shocking – Oldboy and Audition spring to mind.

A horror film you used to love but now despise –

I had remembered loving The Blair Witch Project when it was first released but only recently revisited it. On second viewing it seemed quite dull but that’s not to say it wasn’t good for its time.

On the flip side, a horror film you despised but now love –

There aren’t any. If I didn’t like it the first time then I won’t have rewatched it.

The horror film you laughed the most at that isn’t a comedy –

Hatchet is the first that comes to mind. I particularly remember a doggy-style sex scene in which the guy gets his head chopped off but keep on thrusting, his partner oblivious to what had happened!

What is the craziest practical effect you have seen in a horror film –

The spider-head creature from The Thing is quite memorable.

The film that you introduced family or a friend to that you wished you hadn’t –

It’s only my wife and I that watch horror films so it’s hard to say, but there have been some I have chosen (like Zombeavers) that she hasn’t enjoyed as much as I did.

P.J’s latest release is C for Cannibals, part of the A-Z of Horror series, which can be found on Amazon.

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