Deep Blue Sea 3 review


While it is safe to say Deep Blue Sea fans were not that enamoured with the sequel released in 2018, it seems the name carries enough gravitas to attempt a loose franchise.

With no returning characters from previous films, the connection between the films is having sharks with a bit more upstairs than we thought.

So we come to Deep Blue Sea 3 which has an increased production value (or so it seems) than its predecessor and also revels in the ludicrousness of its plot.

As always in these films, man is trying to mess with sharks and what do you know, the sharks fight back in creative ways.

In the early stages, a lot of the shark action is actually quite effective, including one sequence with a Great White that feels quite real and not a hokey CGI job.

Our focus is not on the whites for this film though, with three aggressive bull sharks making up our team of antagonistic fish.

There are sprinkles of topicality thrown into the mix as our scientists discuss climate change and how it is affecting nature and not just mankind.

Once we get past the hour mark any semblance of a plot goes out the window and Deep Blue Sea 3 like many before it tries to go with spectacle over story. Although not entirely successful it is somewhat entertaining with a suspension of disbelief at numerous points.

You may not have asked for it but Deep Blue Sea 3 is here and is a decent one-time watch for fans of shark attack films.

Deep Blue Sea 3 is out now on VOD.

Watch the trailer below –

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