Death of a Vlogger review


While it may feel inconceivable a decade ago, people can now become millionaires as a vlogger.

Platforms such as YouTube and Instagram now allow people to create or become part of niche or widespread markets with their views or actions.

Scottish independent production Death of a Vlogger takes this concept and asks some serious questions about it plus some supernatural shenanigans.

We follow the journey of Graham, a young man searching for a purpose for his YouTube videos. His world is turned slightly upside down when he appears to have a paranormal experience which turns him into an overnight online sensation.

When he lambasted for allegedly staging some of the experiences we see the dark side of social media laid bare as he is harassed and abused by trolls.

Death of a Vlogger strikes a perfect balance between timely social commentary on online behaviour whilst managing some really well-timed scares.

Although Graham is not always genuine in his actions, he simply wants to be loved and the fact he may be mentally ill means he goes down alternative routes to achieve this. At times this is really heartbreaking.

The found footage element is a constant throughout but even with slightly telegraphed scares, Vlogger manages to still make you jump.

This was an unexpected treat and certainly the best British production this site has seen so far this year.

Watch the trailer for Death of a Vlogger below –

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