The New Kids (1985) review


Five years after Sean Cunningham helped to create the slasher boom of the early eighties with Friday the 13th, he directed the cult favourite The New Kids.

While not a full-on horror film, this certainly has themes and scenes which hark back to his most famous work with Mrs. Voorhees and co.

Now with a special edition blu ray being released by 101 Films, the 80s nostalgists among us can enjoy this film for potentially the first and seasoned viewers can look on with fresh eyes and new interpretations.

The first thing to say about The New Kids is that it is unashamedly 80s with its cheesy music and love of montages; even one that feels lifted straight out of the teen version of Rocky.

James Spader, long before he became the voice of Ultron in the Marvel Universe is an adequate and smarmy head of a villainous gang who target a brother and sister who move to Florida after the death of their parents.

We also get minor roles for Tom Atkins and Eric Stoltz, both always great to see turn up in genre films.

While not overtly violent, the finale at the siblings’ amusement park feels straight out of a slasher film with some creative and violent deaths.

The New Kids comes six years after the trailblazing genre classic The Warriors and certainly shows in a microcosm how gangs can take over small communities using fear as a weapon.

The New Kids is now available on Blu Ray from 101 Films.

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