Black Christmas fan film wants to bring Billy back!

Promo card 2

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for a fan film direct follow-up to Bob Clark’s horror classic Black Christmas.

Set 50 years after the original film, It’s Me Billy, follows Sam and her two best friends who are spending Christmas Eve at her grandmother’s old country mansion, unaware of the danger that is hunting her.

Stalked by a sinister evil that’s been lurking in the shadows for nearly 50 years, Sam is about to come face-to-face with her grandmother’s chilling Christmas past, the deranged psychopath known only as Billy.

Co-Directors Bruce Dale and Dave McRae commented,

“As Canadian filmmakers living in Toronto, the city where the original Black Christmas was filmed, we grew up on a healthy dose of the movie, and have a great appreciation for what Bob Clark (director) was doing during a time when more and more gratuitous violence was making its way into the genre.

“And although Black Christmas had two remakes that took the mythology and story in two different directions, it’s never had a sequel. We want to bring Billy back.

“It’s important to understand the value of the original film, and what now appears to be a lost art; scare an audience in their minds before you show them anything on screen. Our intent is to capture the same mood, atmosphere, and slow-burn that the original did.”

You can support the film on IndieGoGo, and watch the teaser trailer below –


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