The Fear of Looking Up review


With a unique mix of nightmarish images and surrealism, The Fear of Looking Up is a visual feast.

We follow Friday Chamberlain’s Jamie, a cop who is hunting a mysterious serial killer whilst also dealing with demons from her past.

The first thing to say is how gorgeously shot this film is, with distinctive colour palettes employed throughout. It has almost a hypnotic tone to it, where the lines blur between dreams and reality.

The Fear of Looking Up also takes a raw look at grief, with incidents happening throughout and we linger on the grief of people involved, which makes for more intimate viewing.

It is also refreshing to have a gay woman as the leading character without falling into obvious and cliched tropes, which allows Friday Chamberlain to really immerse herself in Jamie.

The Fear of Looking Up does thrive in its strangeness and as it becomes more Lovecraftian, there is a disconnect which feels deliberate. We are not meant to understand everything that is going on or fully what Jamie is going through. This could be a minor commentary on LGBT life, or trauma or perhaps both.

From a personal point of view I found the linear story of the police officer hunting a serial killer quite undersold, and this was where the film was at its best.

The Fear of Looking Up is a hallucinatory, character-led journey into a nightmarish mind, worth seeing for the visual style alone.

The Fear of Looking Up screened at the Sohome Horror Film Festival: Pride Edition.

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