The Knock (short) review


We all have that irrational fear of being woken up in the night by a knock at the door.

Who could it be at this time? Why me? Those sorts of thoughts.

But what if this fear went one step further and tried to invade our homes? This is the premise pitches in the first few seconds of The Knock.

Despite its short run time, this film manages to ratchet up tension using a mix of haunting dialogue and close-ups that really add a layer of anxiety for the viewer.

For the last 60 seconds it really kicks into gear for a nightmarish finale.

Watch the Knock below –

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  1. Straight up, someone knocks on my door and I turn all the lights and TV off and lay on the ground like it’s Ted Bundy out there and he has a key to the door. An unexpected knock is seriously scary as fuck. 😂 But uhhh- especially at your bedroom door?! She’s lucky she had a lock on the inside! Super fun short.

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