Terror Films set to unleash The Evil Rises

unnamed (2)

Terorr Films has acquired worldwide digital distribution rights for Daniel Florenzano’s THE EVIL RISES.

Winner of the “Best Horror Film” at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, the film centres around a group of friends who discover an ancient statue that unleashes an evil spirit.

Once released the demon enslaves them to collect human blood so that it can come back to life and rule the world. It’s up to a Detective, a Priest and a Pizza Boy – to infiltrate the group’s sinister compound and banish the spirit from the Earth before it’s too late!

THE EVIL RISES was produced by Scott Oram (“Killer Intelligence”), Earl Hundt (Demigods) and Florenzano. As well, the film stars Bailey La Flam (ANiMUS), Joe Paulson (Pieces and Parts), Michael Glauser, Julian De La Mora, Alec Lobato and Edward Hollingsworth.

Currently available exclusively on TUBI TV for a limited time, the film is set for a wide digital release across multiple platforms over the coming months, including Amazon, Google Play Movies, iTunes, Vudu, Roku and more.

Watch the trailer for The Evil Rises below –

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