Horror-themed Video Game Anthology “Dread X Collection” Now Available


Horror-themed video game anthology ‘Dread X Collection’ is now available for PC.

Bringing together the creative minds of 10 independent game developers, to offer horror gamers a unique experience like they’ve never played before.

DreadXP’s Editor-in-Chief commented,

“If there’s one thing that was drilled into my head ever since I started at Dread Central years ago, it’s that we care about the indies. Hell, my first gig was reviewing the found footage movies no one else wanted to touch.

“As the years have gone on, we’ve done our best to maintain that commitment to horror content created by fans, for fans. With the launch of DreadXP late last year, my goal was to bring that same mindset to the world of gaming. And just like how the Dread label now produces movies through our partnership with Epic Pictures, my dream was to help bring indie games to life.”

Buy Dread X Collection on Steam.

Watch a trailer for Dread X Collection below –

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