Fantasy Island (2020) review


Whilst Blumhouse struck box office gold with their soft reboot of Halloween in 2018, there have been some other floundering attempts at reviving old properties.

Case in point would be their release of Black Christmas, a reboot in name only and now we come to Fantasy Island.

Taking the loose concept of the popular television series and creating an insolation horror seems like a good idea on paper, accept it just isn’t executed right.

The word that describes Fantasy Island is bland.

We don’t ever get enough reasons to care about our characters, so when they are put in peril we just couldn’t care less.

The basic premise of the film is given away in the trailers, as groups of people who come to this island are unsure whether they are taking part in their own fantasy or someone else’s.

The cast even, the dependable Michael Rooker and Michael Pena just look bored to be there. Lucy Hale was one of the best parts of Truth or Dare but she simply does not have enough to do here which is a shame.

Fantasy Island is also incredibly bloated at 110 minutes, which you simply lose interest in by the halfway point.

Whilst Blumhouse’s horror output is usually solid, this is definitely a misfire.

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