New Feature Version of ‘The Telltale Heart’ set for Digital Release


CK Films in association with Red Rock Entertainment has announced the digital release of its award-winning feature, Steven Berkoff’s Tell-Tale Heart on 11th June 2020.

Starring Steven Berkoff, Henry Goodman, Hugh Skinner and Dudley Sutton, it is directed by Stephen Cookson and adapted by Berkoff and Cookson from the short story by Edgar Allan Poe.

The film, which has garnered multiple awards in film festivals across the world, including Best Feature Film in the Videoscream Film Festival, Best In Show – IndieFest Film Awards, Best Feature – Independent Horror Awards, and Best Actor (Steven Berkoff) – Independent Horror Awards, will be available on DVD from June 11, 2020, and on various digital platforms including Amazon, Apple TV and Google Play in the subsequent weeks.

Staying faithful to Poe’s original short story of 1843, the film is a spine-chilling retelling of the dizzying tale of Edmund (Berkoff), a solitary figure who endeavours to convince the viewer of his sanity, whilst describing a murder he has committed.

Haunted by the still-beating heart of the dismembered body of his victim which he has hidden under the floorboards and under investigation by the police, the unhinged killer finally gives himself away driven mad by the sounds inside his head.

Watch the trailer for The Tell-Tale Heart below –

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