Bit (2019) review


Ever since the release of the Twilight saga, it has been increasingly hard for vampire films to be taken seriously.

Filmmakers have had to delve into the lore of the vamps and come up with new methods to entertain and scare us.

For many of us the vampire represent the sexiest of those classic monsters, with the titular character using their sexuality to get their way and their blood.

With ‘Bit’ director Brad Michael Elmore has gone down a minorly similar path as Near Dark and looked at making a punk version of the creatures of the night.

The spin here is that the group of vampires in this story are all lesbians, with a swagger and confidence you don’t always see from female characters in these stories.

There is a supreme swagger about ‘Bit’ and with plenty of gore and razor-sharp dialogue packed into its 95 minutes, this is a refreshing turn for the sub-genre.

The most impressive part of ‘Bit’ is that it also manages to create a universe for its characters in such a short space of time, as we time-hop with some of our vamps to create an overarching story and lores that could or could not be important down the line.

It is also a coming of age story for Nicola Maines’ Laurel who is discovering her sexuality whilst coming to terms with a darkness in her past. Maines is allowed to really come into her own as she goes from timid and shy girl to potential leader of a new world by the close of play.

She is equalled matched by Diana Hopper’s Duke who really embodies the punk spirit of ‘Bit’ and gives us a tour-de-force of a performance which has confidence, vulnerability and viciousness.

We would highly recommend taking a bite out of ‘Bit’ as soon as possible.

Bit is available now on VOD on Google Play

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