Bloody Homecoming (2013) review


Around the time of Bloody Homecoming’s release, the slasher film sub-genre was very much at a low point.

Hollywood had attempted to reboot all three of the major franchises at this point with diminishing results. The question is, could a fresh face come and steal their glory?

If so, the fresh face wasn’t from Bloody Homecoming, which struggles with script issues whilst paying plenty of homages to teen horror of yesteryear.

Admittedly the film is at its best when it is dealing with action sequences, with some of the stalking scenes carrying some tension.

The look of the killer harkens back to the early 80s, as they adorn a firemen’s outfit which conceals their identity.

The main issue with the script is the fact the dialogue feels very unrealistic, as characters say the name of the person they are talking to in every conversation, which in most cases comes across quite wooden.

Bloody Homecoming’s slasher-reveal and the finale feels incredibly rushed too as we begin to have some sort of confrontation but it is then over before it has begun.

Clearly, the filmmakers are working on a limited budget, which they make the most of with some excellent practical gore effects.

An uneven slasher that is worth a one-time watch, but will only depreciate on repeat viewings.

Bloody Homecoming is available now on VOD and DVD.



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