Will Doug Bradley return for HBO’s Hellraiser series?


News on the Hellraiser franchise is coming thick and fast at the moment, with the news from Deadline that HBO is producing a series of Clive Barker’s most famous property.

The biggest caveat from this update is ‘Halloween’ (2018) Writer/Director David Gordon Green will helm the first handful of episodes, with Trick ‘R Treat’s Michael Dougherty serving as one of the producers.

With Gordon-Green’s penchant for honouring the past, it does beg the question; will Doug Bradley play a role in this continuation of the cenobites’ world?

Bradley has had health issues recently but is hopefully on the mend, and has always insisted he would return to the series if asked.

Between this series and David Bruckner’s reboot of the 1987 film, hopefully, Bradley will get the chance to reprise his role of Pinhead, or at least be honoured with a cameo of some kind.

The concept of the Hellraiser TV series is to create an ‘elevated’ continuation and expansion of the mythology, which sees what has come before as a given.

A revisit of Pinhead and the cenobites are expected, but in what guise is unclear at this stage.

Would you like to see Doug Bradley return to Hellraiser? Let us know in the comments.



  1. It is certainly a big requirement for Doug to repruse his role….if the show is to be successful, yes HBO i said it.
    Without Doug the show will not generate well with the loyal fans.
    Keep the tone of the series by reviewing Hellraiser 1 and 2. Dark and mysterious. We don’t want cheap jokes

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  2. It just wouldn’t be the same without Doug Bradley and I am really hoping that he is cast as Pinhead, but I’m also trying to be understanding of his age and recent health problems. I wouldn’t want to completely wash my hands of it if he isn’t involved because it’s still Hellraiser! I’ll be at least curious enough to give it a shot with or without him… BUT I am hoping he has a decent cameo at the least.


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