Arrow Video Channel announces free 30-day trial period

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From April, the Arrow Video Channel wants to help film fans get through their isolation by extending the previous seven day trial period to thirty days of free viewing.

It’s not easy staying firmly locked within four walls but by immersing yourself in some of the most hypnotic cinema ever made without worrying about paying a penny, you can emerge from it a cult cineaste to boot.

Amongst a vast library of imagination-shredding movies, you can test your wits in a haunted home with House, unlock the horrors of the underworld in Hellraiser, gasp at the still audacious Oldboy, sell your soul to Black Metal with Lords of Chaos, dust off Elvira’s black magic cookbook and test every last nerve you have with the original Japanese Ringu.

ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL is the leading passion-driven film platform service giving film fans the opportunity to watch a curated selection of movies that the Arrow Video brand is famous for. Now with thirty days to explore the library for free, titles to enjoy include:

  • RINGU (UK & US)
  • HOUSE (UK & US)
  • LORDS OF CHAOS (UK only)
  • HARPOON (UK only)
  • OLDBOY (UK only)

Upcoming titles (more to be announced) also include:

  • WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE – Coming Soon (UK & US)
  • TETSUO: THE IRON MAN – May 1st (UK & US)
  • TOKYO FIST – May 1st (UK & US)
  • BULLET BALLET – May 1st (UK & US)
  • THE UNTAMED – May 1st (UK & US)

It’s time to join the cult. Switch on, tune in and start your 30 day free trial now on Amazon or iTunes.

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