Selfish – Zombie Edition review


In times of isolation having a good strategy game to play is a great way to spend some free time.

Selfish is available in various guises but the Zombie Edition feels quite topical and has plenty of winks and nods to classic genre films.

Whether its Romero’s classic trilogy or more modern takes such as The Walking Dead, there are plenty of nuisances to make horror fans smile.

The basis of the game is simple, two to five players are pinned against each other with the one reaching the escape helicopter first being crowned the winner.

Along the way, you can stitch up other players and also fight off those brain chomping zombies.

Game cards will forward your journey but wasteland ones can easily derail your plans just as quick.

With an average game time of 20 minutes, for 2 players and much more for more players, this is a game that isn’t too gory that it can’t be enjoyed by the entire family.

The best part about Selfish is that even if you became a flesh-eating zombie in the last game you will be dying to play it and become the winner next time around.

Selfish: Zombie Edition is available now from Ridley’s Games.




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