Prophecy by David Seltzer review


Author David Seltzer as this title suggests is best known for the novelisation of The Omen, rather than this animal attack cult classic.

Prophecy was released at a time when every author in the land was looking to replicate Peter Benchley’s smash hit Jaws and although this story has some similarities it is a completely different beast (excuse the pun).

This is very much about how men meddling with science and nature can have catastrophic results and couple with some Indian folklore and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

The reason Prophecy succeeds is that it is a very human-centric story with its titular beast only hinted at throughout before ramping things up in an intense finale.

We follow the journey of Robert, a Government scientist who is brought in to investigate strange happenings in a forest where everything is not as it seems.

He is accompanied by his secretly pregnant wife, and with this, we get a dose of domestic discomfort without being bashed over the head with it.

The key here is that Seltzer writes compelling characters that drive the story forward with subtle hints that everything is not what it seems. As the reader, you are almost waiting for everything to go to hell, but he times these moments carefully as they are carefully sprinkled throughout.

I must admit to having never seen the film adaptation, but if its even half as good as the book I will be seeking out as soon as possible.

Prophecy by David Seltzer is available used on Amazon.


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