Death Head Valley by David Charlesworth review


Over the past couple of years there have been a number of solid slasher novels, from the Kill River series to Thomas Hutson’s Jinxed.

I managed to pick up David Charlesworth’s novella Death Head Valley at last year’s Liverpool Horror Festival, with the promise of gore and slasher tropes to enjoy.

Luckily, this short story lives up to the hype with a nice slow build that recalls films such as the Wrong Turn series, before descending into an action-packed finale.

Charlesworth has gone out of his way to create a set of believable and well-written characters whilst also throwing in a cliche for us fans to enjoy.

When it needs to be violent Death Head Valley doesn’t hold back, but it strikes that perfect balance that some slashers often don’t.

If you are looking for a quick and fun slasher to read you have found it.

Death Head Valley is available now from Hellbound Media.

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