Ravers (2020) review

Ravers (Blue Finch Films) (4)

A film about the outbreak of a virus feels quite timely right now, as we all stock up on toilet tissues and hand sanitiser.

Ravers, luckily is much more fun than it has any right to be.

It may feel like we have seen it before, as a drug within a fizzy drink becomes contagious and sends one of the drinkers into a wild rage. The fact that said person is a 7-foot behemoth is glossed over a little, but we are not here for him.

Although there are fairly easy stereotypes inflicted on Ravers, we don’t spend our time with any cardboard cut out characters – which feels quite refreshing.

Another change is the focus on Becky, a lesbian who has recently split up with her girlfriend whilst also dealing with hygiene issues. Again in a topical way, she is obsessed with cleanliness, wash your hand’s folks!

When she is invited to an illegal rave, little does she know her world is set to change forever.

Ravers is also loaded with some fantastic practical effects, especially once the contagion really kicks in and transforms the partygoers into monsters (in some cases).

The pacing is a minor issue as things sag a bit towards the middle, but it rises again for fantastic finale; making it a party worth getting a ticket for – by any means necessary.

Ravers is available on Digital Download from Monday 16th March 2020.


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