Camp Cold Brook review


Camp Cold Brook sees the return of scream queen Danielle Harris fresh from her latest escapades with Victor Crowley.

She is joined by One Tree Hill’s Chad Michael Murray as part of GhostSquad, an ailing supernatural reality TV show aiming to revive its flagging fortunes.

The plan is to visit Camp Cold Brook, an abandoned campsite where 28 children were drowned in the lake many years before – what could go wrong?

The film mixes the surveillance/found footage motifs with some splashes of the supernatural making for an effective thriller.

Although there are times where it feels like we have seen this before, Camp Cold Brook uses its characters to create interesting arcs that help to divert on occasion away from the expected plot thread.

Just when you feel it has played its hand it also offers a gut-punch ending which is one of the best in recent times and elevates the film from potentially mediocre to an enjoyable and challenging watch.

Harris and Murray are likeable enough as part of a group of four filmmakers, each with their own personalities well fleshed out during its 90 minutes run time.

Camp Cold Brook is a solid supernatural thriller that is certainly worth your time.

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