Pandamonium (2020) review


Although you have to take a mini leap of faith to take a killer in a panda head seriously, Pandamonium definitely offers something different.

In the golden age of slashers in the early 80s, British stalk and slashes were few and far between so it feels like studio Mycho Entertainment are making up for lost time.

With their ninth-feature, Jacob Jakushi aka killer Panda Head arrives at level 6 of an office party and begins a killing spree.

Jakushi certainly has a mix of the Freddy Krueger’s about him, as he constantly quips before, after and during some attacks. At first you can smile but this does get grating after a handful of kills. It certainly would have been interesting, given how distorted the mask is, to have the killer as a Michael Myers-esque mute killer.

The office workers of this building are certainly not to be sympathised with though, as most are obnoxious, coke-snorting pigs. To balance the scales they invite some exotic dancers along to spice up the party, not knowing that their names will be added to the chopping block.

It is clear from the outset that Pandamonium is working on a limited budget, but it does invest time in some of its characters and does create some character arcs whereas in a standard slasher this may have been sidestepped.

Pandamonium goes for gory kills over tension and poses some interesting questions regarding its killer’s motives as we get to the final girl chase scene.

As a slasher film, it does everything it says on the tin and by the looks of the post-credit scene we haven’t seen the last of Jakushi just yet.

Pandamonium is released on 2nd March 2020 from 101 Films.


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