Overkill Halloween Slasher game review


Although it states that Overkill is a Halloween slasher party game, it can be enjoyed quite easily long before 31st October.

The premise may feel slightly convoluted when you start, but after a couple of rounds it becomes quite straight-forward and plenty of fun.

Based on classic horror monsters such as vampires, Frankenstein’s monster, etc. the aim of the game is to wipe out the six victims presented with your cards before your co-players do.

We played this game as a two-player and although it was quite a quick game it provided plenty of laughs and moments that make you want to wince.

In a similar vein to Cards Against Humanity, Overkill does not hold back when it comes to creating bloody kills for your victims.

There is the inspiration from classic slashers and also a dash of creativity sprinkled on some that will make fans of the sub-genre grin from ear to ear.

Overkill Halloween Slasher party game is available now from Ultro Pro Entertainment.



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