Locke & Key – Compelling and Nostalgia Driven


It is fair to say that adaptations of Joe Hill’s work have not always become part of the collective zeitgeist.

The recent series adapting of one of his finest books NOS4A2 showed enough promise to give it a second series later this year.

On the other end of the spectrum you have the failed feature Horns starring Daniel Radcliffe and also his co-write gig with father Stephen King – In the Tall Grass.

Locke and Key began life as a graphic novel series way back in 2009, as Hill teamed up with Gabriel Rodriguez.

Netflix has since chosen to adapt this into a 10-episode series, which stars Falling Skies’ Connor Jessup and Jackson Robert Scott, who many might recognise as Georgie from the recent IT movies.

With a sprinkle of nostalgia, in the vein of a peak Joe Dante, Locke and Key provides a three fold story with enough intrigue about the past, a driven story plus a clambering for what happens next.

This is a feat many television series fail to do, or in some cases they begin this way before their stories become too generic to keep up the quality.

Hill and Rodriguez have clearly spent time to develop the Locke family, who move to a new town following a family tragedy to start over new in their uncle’s old house.

It may be slightly premature, given I have only devoured two episodes so far but this is one of the most compelling new series on the Netflix roster. It will attract the Riverdale audience with its good-looking teenage cast but the older crowd will be compelled to stick around because of the story which constantly has you wondering what will happen next.

Locke and Key is a pleasant surprise and certainly a show you can go into cold and still thoroughly enjoy.

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